Frequently Asked Questions

Smart IT Consulting is a trustworthy software development company that understands the dynamic changes in IT and Software market. Our experience of 20+ years has catered to all types of businesses and clients from diverse industries with our custom software development services.
Our software engineers are experienced in various types of programming languages, tools, and platforms and strive hard to meet clients expectations.

The cost of developing a software application depends on various factors that include the requirements of the software application, development technology, number of software engineers, their experience, compliance cost, and other similar software development requirement criteria.

Smart IT Consulting is a software development company in Rwanda with an experience of 20+ years in developing high-quality applications for mobile and web platforms. We provide comprehensive development services which includes quality assurance process, e-commerce development, product development, dedicated development team and other outsourcing services.

As one of the top software development companies in Rwanda, our team of software engineers, product owners, designers, analysts, and project managers have extensive knowledge of almost all types of programming languages that includes JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, and other latest tools and frameworks required for high quality software development services.

Yes, you can meet the team in-person if you are visiting our office in Kigali, Rwanda or virtually through communication apps. As a reliable software development partner, we provide regular updates and communicate in real-time with clients to ensure project milestones and stakeholders expectations are met.

Yes, we do provide after-sales services including upgrades and maintenance services for a specific time period after the development and deployment of applications.

We offer two types of pricing models: The fixed price model and the Subscription-based price model.

1. Fixed Price Model: in this model, the price of the software development is fixed at the beginning of the software project according to the software requirements, technology, and software engineers required.

2. Subscription-based Price Model: here the client gets to choose from one of our available packages for a monthly or yearly payment.

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